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One womans long and winding road to health

Kinberley MackMagazine article
"Health Matters" Nov 2008

As a lifelong sufferer of Crohn's disease, Kimberley Mack, who runs the Aloe Vera Clinic in Whitley Bay, says her illness began in her late teens and remained chronic until her late twenties, before she embarked on doing her own research and finally made a breakthrough.

"Crohn's is a serious inflammatory bowel disease that causes chronic pain and a weak bowel. Due to my condition, my life was drastically limited. Eating out was impossible and I suffered from very low energy, I was very underweight and had very cold feet and hands due to bad circulation," says Kimberley.

At the age of 17, Kimberley had a part of her colon removed, which was quite a big operation. For the next eight to nine years, she was forced to take ongoing prescribed medication including steroids and anti-inflammatory tablets to help manage her condition.
Kimberley stated "The medical profession never gave me advice on how to manage my diet, I would have attacks approximately once per year which would leave me hospital-bound for up to at least a week, and where I would have to be fed intravenously as my body was unable to accept food."

In 1988, Kimberley had another section of her bowel removed, which came with the fear of losing her bowel altogether. "This was the turning point" She says: "I was in my late twenties and I decided I had had enough of relying solely on the orthodox system. I began seeking alternative methods of treatment to help ease and also improve not just the disease itself but also my general health and well-being. I realised I couldn't live on steroids for the rest of my life".

"My quest began with a visit to a nutritionist, who showed me in just one hour, how I was self-inflicting a lot of my discomfort with the food and drink I was consuming. This had never been questioned before. This included coffee, cheese, wheat and fast food. Being so underweight and low in energy, I craved sugar, and because I was underweight, didn't think it was a problem."

After working with a nutritionist for six months, Kimberley says she felt so in control of her body and the disease, it was almost impossible to believe. With food changes and specialised nutrition, her life changed completely. It gave her the confidence to go out, eat at restaurants and simply live a normal life for the first time in 10 years.

Essential nutrients

Kimberley recalls "It was at this point that I travelled to Australia where I discovered aloe vera. This was another turning point, as, since it is a natural inflammatory and contains many essential nutrients and amino acids, it helped to keep my body in balance. Until I saw my nutritionist, my body was starved of the correct nutrients it needed. I began to learn more about the power of good quality foods, plants and botanicals."

Kimberley carried on to the United States and began working in a natural health clinic where the benefits of alternative therapies such as colonics, acupuncture and reflexology as well as nutrition which all assisted in keeping her well. Kimberley learned here that the emotional really does affect the physical as she began working with Louise Hay which was yet another critical point as it made her see how the disease may have manifested itself in the first place.

Following a serious car accident in the States, Kimberley returned to the UK in 1991 to recover. At this point, she had managed three years without any form of orthodox medication. Following her recovery, she continued working in the natural health industry and, in 1994, began studying Macrobiotics and the benefits of food in health for one year.
In 1995, she founded the Aloe Vera Centre in Whitley Bay offering the highest grade products and ongoing advice to those wishing to look and feel the best they can naturally. She has exhibited at many natural health shows around the country, spreading the word on natural alternatives about how nutrition and alternative health in general could help. Today, her clinic is going stronger than ever.

In addition Kimberley says: "My husband and I also set up 100% Collagen Ltd, a company that distributes natural health products and supplements nationally such as Pure-Col (100% collagen capsules) & The Perfect C (natural bust enhancer).
These products offer people a natural way to enhance their skin, body and mind and the company is going from strength to strength.

Kimberley states "I am no longer a victim of Crohn's although I still have the disease. I always asked myself the question, 'what am I doing that is making me feel unwell?' As a result of my search for a solution, I found the answer that quite literally transformed my life. My nutritionist gave me control back over my own body.
"Since I opened my clinic, I have learned that many people are looking for a quick fix. I teach them that this is not the answer — it's about a lifestyle change that is ongoing.

My clinic helps people with minor to serious conditions, enabling them to regain control of their lives with natural products."

Digestive problem

Kimberley now specialises in digestive and bowel problems as well as inflammation. She find that often clients who come with a headache for instance, may infact have a digestive problem. The orthodox system may have been treating them for days, weeks and even months for a headache and not ever considering the root cause.


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