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Meet The Aloe Vera Centre- Kimberley


In 1995, Kimberley Mack founded the Aloe Vera Centre in Whitley Bay offering the highest grade products and ongoingadvice to those wishing to look and feel the best they can naturally. She has exhibited at many natural health shows around the country, spreading the word on natural alternatives about how nutrition and alternative health in general could help.

Today, her clinic is going stronger than ever.

In addition Kimberley says: "My husband and I also set up Perfect Look & Health Ltd, a company that distributes natural health products and supplements nationally such as Pure-Col (100% collagen capsule), Perfect C (natural bust enhancer) and Perfect Harmony (Hormonal Balancing).

These products offer people a natural way to enhance their skin, body and mind and the company is going from strength to strength.
"I am no longer a victim of Crohn's although I still have the disease. I always asked myself the question, 'what am I doing that is making me feel unwell?' As a result of my search for a solution, I found the answer that quite literally transformed my life. My nutritionist gave me control back over my own body.
"Since I opened my clinic, I have learned that many people are
looking for a quick fix. I teach them that this is not the answer — it's about a lifestyle change that is ongoing.

My clinic helps people with minor to serious conditions, enabling them to regain control of their lives with natural products."

Digestive problem

I specialise in digestive and bowel problems as well as inflammation. Often, we find that clients who come for a headache, for instance, have a digestive problem.

The orthodox system may have been treating them for days, weeks and even months for a headache and not ever considering the root cause.


The Aloe Vera Centre

2a Duchess Street, Whitley Bay NE26 3PW

Tel: 0191 297 2212




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